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    IBCA's "Tea" with the Ambassador - 23rd November 2020

    Some 200 members of IBCA - both from Israel and the United Kingdom - zoomed in to hear David Horovitz, editor of The Times of Israel, interview H.E. Neil Wigan, the new United Kingdom Ambassador to Israel.

    The event was graced with the participation of the Australian Ambassador, H.E. Paul Griffiths; the Cameroon Ambassador, H.E. Biyiti Bi Essam; the Sri Lankan Ambassador H.E. Waruna Wilpatha; the Canadian Charge D'Affaires, Martin Larose; the Nigerian Charge D'Affaires H.E. Francisca Omayuli together with the Hon. Consul to the Marshal Islands, Ran Rahav. The event was deemed an outstanding success.

    The Balfour Dinner 2019 with guest speakers Lord Eric Pickles and MK Gideon Saar

    Lord Eric Pickles

    July 22, 2019

    At IBCA's AGM 2019 -Tea and Lecture by Eyal Offenbach on:
    Islam and Muslims in Europe - The Old Continent in a Cultural Struggle"

    April 30, 2019

    Reflections on 4 years in Israel with His Excellency, the British Ambassador David Quarreyy

    At a reception held at the official ambassadorial residence in Ramat Gan by the Israel, Britain and the Commonwealth Association, the outgoing British ambassador David Quarrey summed up the four years that he and his partner Aldo Henriquez had spent in Israel. Displaying an obvious affection and respect for the country he said that they had been four very fulfilling years and he highlighted a number of matters.

    He had been particularly anxious to develop Israel-British trade and especially in the scientific field. Cooperation in research between British and Israeli universities was growing very rapidly. They had invited applications for grants which had to be joint applications between a professor in a British university and a professor in an Israeli university, where both were working in complimentary but not identical fields. They were amazed to have 90 applications encompassing 34 British universities and 12 Israeli institutions.

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    7th November, 2018

    Balfour Dinner held at the Hilton Hotel with guest speakers Lord Roderick Balfour and Natan Sharansky

    Text of Roderick Balfour's speech

    Photo gallery from the dinner

    IBCA 2018 Natan Sharansky

    25th December 2017

    Brunch at the Daniel Hotel Herzlya

    "Man in the Shadow" came alive and held IBCA's members and guests spellbound at our 25 th December 2017 Brunch at the Daniel Hotel in Herzliya, when Efraim Halevy spoke about his life and forty years' service in the Mossad.

    Born in London in 1934 Halevy emigrated to Israel in 1948.He spoke about his years in the Mossad and how he became the head of the service in 1998 until his retirement in 2002. During his long career he represented the Mossad in the USA, served as Ambassador of Israel to the European Union; was Head of Israel's Council of National Security, and was a special advisor to several  Prime Ministers including Binyamin Netanyahu. He participated in the rescue of Jews from Ethiopia and Tunisia.  

    Halevy admitted that sometimes his career path did not go the way he wanted, citing that the late Shimon Peres was against his appointment as Ambassador to Jordan, despite his long-time friendship with King Hussein.

    He considers that Israel and the Western leaders must challenge the threat of militant Moslem fundamentalism, stressing that these are issues that confront Israel's future, and will have a major impact on our children. He also pointed out that Russia is a major player in the Middle East - a power that we should watch carefully.  He went on to say that China is a rising power that has significant influence on global It was better, he continued, not to expose the daily-professional activities of the Mossad, nor the matter of non-Israeli collaborators. Neither did he wish to discuss the issue of the Mossad as the defender of world Jewry.  

    The Mossad was defined by Halevy as the unsung men and women whose courage, devotion and professional excellence have made an indescribable and unique contribution to the security of the State of Israel and to the defense of the free world.

    Roger Lavender proposed a vote of thanks and made a presentation to the speaker.

    6th November 2017

    Reception at the Residence of the Canadian Ambassador

    Canada and Israel have a very strong diplomatic relationship. Canadian Ambassador Deborah Lyons graciously opened up her residence to 53 IBCA members, with a reception, and talk on her goals as Ambassador.

    Ambassador Lyons is very excited about her post since the Embassy is very busy. Her instruction by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is to take an already strong relationship and deepen it further and broaden trade, strengthen culture relations and seek developmental opportunities.

    Canada recognized the State of Israel upon its founding in 1948, and the two countries established formal diplomatic relations on May 11, 1949. Canada and Israel have strong, multidimensional bilateral relations, marked by close political, economic, social and cultural ties.

    Support for Israel, especially its right to live in peace and security with its neighbors, has been at the core of Canada's Middle East policy since 1948.

    One of the underlying strengths of the Canada-Israel bilateral relationship lies in the extensive people-to-people ties. There are approximately 20,000 Canadian citizens living in Israel and many Canadians have family in Israel. The Canadian Jewish community, which stands at around 350,000, acts as an important bridge between Canada and Israel. These informal ties give rise to significant cooperation between our two countries in business, philanthropy and tourism.

    Before coming to Israel, Ambassador Lyons, a career diplomat, was Canada's ambassador to Afghanistan, and was the head of mission at the Embassy of Canada, Kabul. She was the only female diplomat in Kabul.

    The Ambassador spoke about Canadian Policy, joint projects that focus on innovation and co-operation that benefit both countries.

    Anton Felton proposed a vote of thanks and presented the Ambassador with a book he had written on Jewish carpets.

    TUESDAY the 18th July 2017

    Lt. Col. (Res.) Peter Lerner addressed the Annual General Meeting held on July 18 2017

    Lt. Col. (Res.) Peter Lerner, Former Israel Defense Forces Spokesman for the Foreign Media, admitted that one of his hardest tasks was to convey "The Message" in such a way that it would resonate and be understood.

    According to Lerner, Israel likes the message to always indicate that Israel is in the right which automatically means that the other side is wrong. This of course, magnifies the problem.

    Quoting Napoleon Bonaparte and T.E Lawrence, Lerner gave an in-depth view of the challenges he faced during his four years as an IDF spokesman.

    These days, acts of terrorism are not confined to the space in which they are physically carried out but are echoed further afield using media such as TV and social media channels that have become a theater, as he put it, with a ripple effect spreading fear and terror as it goes viral across social media outlets.

    Describing the IDF method of crisis response, he characterized five concepts: Mitigate, Inform, Use Social Media Mechanism, Monitor and Message.

    Israel is a temporary home to the third largest foreign press corps in the world, after Washington and Brussels. There are over 700 foreign journalists based in Israel; he agreed that there is a disproportionate focus on Israel and the Palestinian conflict in the global media.

    Building credibility is vital. Silence is not an option and social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, are important tools in achieving this. The liberal media naturally tends to take the side of the underdog - because that is where the human interest story generally lies.

    He said that the foreign correspondents sent here are often uninformed and lack the understanding required to put out a balanced picture. However, as soon as they arrive, they are expected to produce their stories, hitting the ground running.

    Unlike the Palestinians, the IDF is bound and expected to corroborate information and has to maintain professional distance, therefore an imbalance can almost always be expected.

  • Click here for Chairman Report 2017

  • IBCA Treasurer's Report 2017

    IBCA Reception at the British Ambassador's Residence with guest speaker Dr. Karnit Flug, Governor of the Bank of Israel June 21, 2017

    Combination of the June solstice and lush green garden of the UK Ambassador's residence provided a relaxing atmosphere for the audience of approximately 112 who listened intently to Dr. Karnit Flug, Governor of the Bank of Israel. She spoke in layman's terminology about "the Israeli Economy: Current Trends, Strength and Challenges".

    Dr. Flug, the first female Governor, was appointed on November 13, 2013. She received her M.A. (cum laude) in Economics from Hebrew University, and PhD from Columbia University. Her background as an economist, also includes research and published papers on topics including macroeconomics, the labor market, and social policies.

    UK and Israel currently has better than before trade, investments, and less discussion on BDS. Good business relationships creates jobs for both countries. The Israeli economy is strong. (GDP) gross domestic product is faster than most economies and is one of the primary indicators used to gauge the health of a country's economy.

    Israeli exports is lower than world trade; however, Hi Tech growth is faster than growth of products. Bank of Israel would like to see in the longer term - balance growth for a positive effect for the future.

    Unemployment for the 25 to 65 year age group is low - 3.7%. More people are joining the labor markets; thus, faster growth. Hardi women, those with lower education and skills are finding employment.

    Value financial assets and housing assets are growing. Two-thirds of the Israeli population own properties - adds to strength of market. Rapid growth of credit; however, still at a modest level.

    Bank of Israel's policy has a crucial role to play in ensuring economic and financial stability. To protect the value of the local currency and exchange rate - in other words, to maintain price stability. Additional functions are to support the attainment of the other goals of the government's economic policy, especially growth, employment, and the narrowing of social gaps, as well as the stability and proper activity of the financial system. Maintaining the value of money is important for economic stability and strength, and for creating the conditions necessary for continued growth of output and employment. The value of money is reflected by the prices we need to pay for goods and services. Inflation target is between 1 to 3%. The actual inflation rate is low because of the strength of the NIS, reduced cost of living, and reduction of oil price.

    Exchange rate is one of the most important determinants of a country's relative level of economic health. Those of us who receive their income from another country are impacted by the exchange rate.

    Dr. Karnit Flug educated us on the challenges ahead, and the positive factors that make Israel a strong economy. Ambassador Quarrey was a gracious host who made everyone feel welcome. Special guests who joined us: Dame Shirley Porter, and representatives from the Embassy of the Republic of Kenya. IBCA hold regular meetings with distinguished speakers on a wide range of subjects. Looking forward to seeing members and prospective members on September 6th when we are guests at the Canadian Ambassador's residence.

    Andee Goldman

    WEDNESDAY 22nd March 2017

    Reception and Lecture by Melanie Phillips "Israel, Europe and the West"

    Journalist and author Melanie Phillips captivated her mainly British audience of some 200 at a lecture and reception at the Daniel Hotel, Herzliya.

    Underlying Brexit is the issue of nationalism, which has implications of aggression and bigotry; the fear of the Remainers is that this will revive and lead to conflict. Melanie distinguished between "Nationalism" and "National Identity" which she considered to be benign. For those who voted for Brexit, the revival of the spirit of the nation is important, whilst the Remainers have a global outlook.

    National identity is also the reason for the support of the populist parties in Europe (and, as she mentioned incidentally, the election of Trump in America).

    She maintained that only a nation could ensure freedom and democracy and give rise to patriotism and a sense of belonging. She was confident that Brexit would be good for the UK and Jews, even though they were traditionally frightened of nationalism because of its historic associations.

    She considered that the countries in the European Union had lost their sense of identity and even democracy by overriding legislation of the Union. Self-government, she said, offers great opportunities and inspires love and pride of their country and would eventually allow Britain to regain its lost identity.

    She also said that Israel was unique; that its existence was essential to the maintenance of peace in the Middle East. It was an important and vital ally of the UK and America.

    Balfour Brunch on 25th December 2016 at the Daniel Hotel Herzlya

    The guest speaker was Steve Linde, the special features editor and former editor-in-chief of The Jerusalem Post who addressed a full room of about 100 people.

    Prior to Mr. Linde's address, Raymond Cannon spoke about the Balfour Declaration. He said that had there been no Balfour Declaration with the promise of a national home for the Jewish people in Palestine and a commitment to achieve that objective, Great Britain would not have been granted the Mandate for Palestine by the League of Nations - a Mandate specifically granted in order to implement the policy enumerated in the letter of 2 November 1917 from Balfour to Lord Rothschild. Without the British Mandate and the assistance rendered to the Jews then living in Palestine to create a Jewish self-governing entity, the sequence of events leading to the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 would never have happened.

    Greer Fay Cashman wrote in the Jerusalem Post that Mr. Linde "who had been scheduled to speak about the American elections, but because so much had already been said and written about the nature of the elections and their outcome, and there had been such an outpouring of derogatory comments about President-elect Donald Trump, Linde decided to minimize his remarks on that particular subject and to talk about people whom he had met in his journalistic career and the impressions that they made on him.

    Two people who had a profound effect on him and who will remain uppermost in his memory were Shimon Peres and Elie Wiesel.

    Because both were of an advanced age and yet had so much of themselves to give, Linde used Peres as an example of making use of every precious moment in life, "because we never know what may happen." Peres, only a few hours before his collapse, had been in fine form, delivering a speech. Just a few weeks earlier he'd been to South Africa. The underlying message was to treasure the people and the moments in our lives and not to judge others until after they have been put to the test.

    In this context, Linde was referring to Trump - not the brash, ruthless man who had been out on the hustings, but a man with a warm heart who had responded to a cry of anguish. Linde then proceeded to read a testimonial by Rabbi Hershy Z. Ten of Los Angeles testifying to Trump's graciousness and goodness of heart.

    Some 30 years ago Ten's three-year-old son, Avraham Moshe, was suffering from a severe lung condition. The family was living in Los Angeles, where doctors were at loss to find a remedy for his pain and suffering. Ten looked to his former home - New York - in the hope that a fresh medical opinion could offer hope for his child. But no private or commercial airline would take the risk of flying the sick infant to New York.

    In desperation, Ten phoned Trump, told him the situation and asked for the use of his plane on a mission of mercy. Trump, without knowing Ten, unhesitatingly agreed, and a week later the plane landed in Los Angeles, then flew Ten, his wife and son with three ICU nurses to La Guardia Airport in New York.

    Unfortunately, there was no cure for Avraham Moshe, and he died. But Ten has never forgotten Trump's instant act of grace and kindness, and they have remained friends ever since.

    Linde also touched on the Balfour Declaration and the role of Chaim Weizmann, who later became Israel's first president; and on the need to set up a modern Sanhedrin that would include the best brains in the Jewish world to combat antisemitism and anti-Israel incitement".

    Brenda Katten, a former Chairperson of IBCA, proposed the vote of thanks.

    The 2016 Annual General Meeting of the Israel, Britain and Commonwealth Association - July 12, 2016

    Prof. Boaz Ganor,the guest speaker.

    Speaking at IBCA's Annual General Meeting, Prof. Boaz Ganor, Dean and the Ronald Lauder Chair for Counter-Terrorism at the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy & Strategy and Founder and Executive Director of the International Institute for Counter Terrorism (ICT) at the IDC, Herzliya , captivated his audience with his concept "The Art of Counterterrorism in the Age of ISIS."

    Describing ISIS as a global phenomena and an epidemic, he believes that not all the counter terrorism centers that have sprung up over the world since 9/11 have the skills required to deal with the complexity of anti terrorism. He maintains that Israel's know-how is unique and enjoys more prestige abroad than at home.

    Professor Ganor was able to show how the "Lone Wolf" phenomenon has been studied in his institution. He illustrated how all these terrorists have a similar smile of satisfaction following their attacks. The reasons and the objectives of this group have been intensively studied. He felt that we now we can find clues for imminent attacks in Facebook pages and we have been successful in preventing some of them.

    Prof. Ganor colored his talk with a variety of examples and anecdotes, concluding that WE must not allow terrorism to ruin our lives. Everyone present felt that the presentation was outstanding.

    IBCA Chairman Prof. Alex Deutsch made the introductions and committee member Anton Felton gave a sincere and appreciative well deserved vote of thanks.

    For the Chairman's and Treasurer's Reports please click here.

    Reception at British Ambassador's Residence on June 2, 2016

    IBCA members were in for a surprise at the reception hosted by Britain's Ambassador HE David Quarrey, at the Ambassador's Residence in Ramat Gan on Thursday 2nd June.

    Baroness Susan Williams, Conservative Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Communities and Local Government shared her impressions and views on Israel during her official visit to the State. She is responsible, inter alia for faith and religion and women and equalities, including race equality.

    The Ambassador's reception has become an annual event for IBCA members, but it was a 'first' for HE David Quarrey, who took up office here just under a year ago.

    The Ambassador talked about the growing economic relations between the UK and Israel that had reached an all-time high, the stalemate in the Israel-Arab peace negotiations and also his personal desire to promote arts and cultural projects. He fielded a variety of questions from the members including on: the BDS movement, incitement in Arab-schools, BREXIT, the security situation in the UK.

    IBCA's Chairman, Alex Deutsch, in introducing the Ambassador, mentioned how in such a short time he had endeared himself to IBCA, as well as to the Israeli Government and to the diplomatic community. It was also especially appropriate that the Ambassador and his partner Aldo Henriquez should entertain us exactly a year and a day since the British Foreign Office's announcement of his appointment.

    Roger Lavender, IBCA Honorary Treasurer, gave the vote of thanks, and presented the Ambassador with a book written by our late chairman Michael Fox, and also presented flowers to The Baroness.

    The close to 100 participants enjoyed the relaxed, convivial atmosphere and the delicious refreshments.

    Morning Reception at the Residence of the Australian Ambassador

    Some seventy IBCA members enjoyed poolside refreshments and a fascinating talk by the Australian Ambassador, HE Dave Sharma at his beautiful residence on April 4th.

    Greer Fay Cashman's wrote in the Jerusalem Post:

    THE ISRAEL Britain and the Commonwealth Association is gearing up for next year's centenary celebration of the Balfour Declaration, in which it was stated that "His Majesty's government view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.

    Click here to read full report

    Tea Time Meeting at the Sharon Hotel - Thursday 24th December 2105

    Almost 100 people sat down to "English Tea" to hear Col. Miri Eisen speak on "Framing Terms and Language: Why We Do So Poorly in The Media Realm".

    Col. Eisen explained that the difficulties in the media coverage of events in Israel arise from gaps in perception between that of Israel and the rest of the world. Thus the same event is discerned and presented in the Israeli and world media differently.

    Click here to read full report


    The IBCA Annual Balfour Dinner - Monday 9th November 2015

    The Dinner was held at the Hilton Hotel Tel Aviv and 350 people attended including members of the Diplomatic Corps. This year's speakers were Boris Johnson MP, Mayor of London and Yair Lapid MK, Chairman of Yesh Atid.

    Greer Fay Cashman wrote in The Jerusalem Post on 11th November:

    "[Those present] at the Annual Balfour Dinner at the Tel Aviv Hilton, had a great time on Monday night laughing uproariously at Johnson's sophisticated ability to poke fun at himself.

    But what heartened them even more was Johnson's unmitigated admiration for Israel. Johnson, 51, had first come to Israel as a 20-yearold to volunteer on a kibbutz. He had dreamed of picking oranges in a kibbutz orchard in the Galilee, but instead was put to work washing and sorting dishes. He quickly came to the realization that this was a waste of his economic potential, but this in no way diminished his admiration for Israel, and in later life he returned to visit.

    Read the full report

    See full Photo Gallery

    TEA TIME MEETING 20TH July 2015

    Dr Noy's lecture on Jewish Resistance during the British Mandate given on 20th July 2015 for the IBCA gathering at the Seven Stars retirement home in Herzliya Pituach

    After a delightful afternoon tea we were introduced to Dr Yitzchak Noy, a leading Israeli historian and broadcaster who has authored a number of books.

    In discussing the Jewish resistance to the Mandate Dr Noy explained that there were three different organizations; the Hagana and the Etzel and the Lehi.

    Read the full report


    18th February 2015

    More than a hundred and twenty people attended a pre-election meeting at Yad Lebanim in Ranaana on February 18.

    Former IBA News anchorwoman, Leah Zinder moderated a panel consisting of representatives from the three major political parties - Likud, Hamachane Hazioni and Yesh Atid. Habayit Hayehudi - the fourth party to be represented was unable to find a replacement for Ronen Shoval who was ill).

    After an initial introduction by ESRA's chairperson Brenda Katten, Likud's Shareen Haskel began by stressing the importance of preventing a nuclear Iran and also pointed out the lack of willingness of the Palestinian Authority to make compromises.

    Ayelet Nachmias Verbin gave the Hamachane Hazioni's position emphasizing the importance of making concessions for peace and Rabbi Dov Lipman of Yesh Atid reviewed his party's achievements in the field of education and health and encouragement of secular education within the Haredi community.

    All the panel members responded to pointed questions posed by Leah Zinder, including future plans for housing, health services and specifically the impending visit by Prime Minister Netanyahu to address the American Congress and went on to answer questions from the lively and responsive audience.

    Perhaps the scoop of the evening was a remark by Shareen Haskel, who implied that the Likud had a slightly new approach to the Palestinian issue.

    Alex Deutsch, IBCA's Chairman concluded the evening and informed the audience that British actress and personality Maureen Lipman had accepted an invitation to speak at an IBCA event at the residence of outgoing British Ambassador, Matthew Gould, in early May.

    Tea at the Sharon Hotel Herzliya

    Thursday 25th December 2014

    Almost 100 people sat down to tea at the hotel and were addressed by Dr Einat Wilf, who was a member of the 18th Knesset and served on several committees including the influential Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.Previously, Dr. Wilf served as Foreign Policy Advisor to Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres

    She spoke about the international delegitimization campaign which Israel is facing in the world. She said that this must be fought as vigorously as any "hot" war; it was as dangerous to Israel as any invasion or terrorist campaign. It had been adopted by Israel's as wars, intifadas and terrorism had failed to achieve their goal. She said that the underlying problem was that the Palestinians have never accepted the right of the Jewish People to the land; until that was accepted there could never be a peaceful, two state solution.

    Read article by Carl Hoffman on Dr Anat Wilf's lecture at the Sharon Hotel on 25 December.

    Annual General Meeting

    held on 20th July 2014

    Click here for details from the meeting

    Remembrance Sunday

    Sunday 9th November 2014

    This year, the Annual Remembrance service was held at the Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery at Ramle marking the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of WWI. It was attended by hundreds of British and Commonwealth citizens who have made aliyah to Israel, including some 45 World War II veterans, and members of the families of WWII soldiers who live in Israel.

    As is traditional, the chairman of IBCA laid a wreath in memory of all those who had lost their lives in both World Wars.

    Balfour Anniversary Lecture

    Sunday 2nd November 2014

    In association with ESRA


    This lecture, attended by some 200 people, to mark the 97th anniversary of the publication of the Balfour Declaration, was addressed by Dr Jonathan Spyer, who spoke about the threats and opportunities facing Israel at the present time. He gave a masterly review of the current political and security situation facing the State. He stressed the changes that had taken place in the region since the "Arab Spring" and what had subsequently occurred. He said that the divisions between the Shiite and Sunni Arab nations and USA policy had led to a new axis of power and influence. This gave Israel the possibility of developing new alliances based on mutual interest. However he also pointed out the threats that Israel faces from these developments.

    Alan Webber, Chairman of IBCA, said in his introduction, that the importance of the Balfour Declaration is that it was the first time political success had been achieved and that a major power had recognized the Zionist aspirations and the rights of the Jewish people to settle in Palestine. There is broad agreement that the Declaration, its adoption by the League of Nations and its establishment of the British Mandate, laid the foundations for the United Nations Resolution to establish the State of Israel.

    Reception at the Residence of the British Ambassador

    held on Tuesday 17th June 2014

    The guest speaker at the annual reception hosted by HE Matthew Gould and Mrs Gould for members of the Association was Attorney Dov Weissglas, who was the former Bureau Chief of the late Prime Minister of Israel, Mr Ariel Sharon, and a Special Foreign Affairs Advisor to him as Prime Minister from May 2002 to June 2006. Mr Weissglas was introduced by Rob Dixon, Deputy Head of Mission as Mr Gould was escorting Eric Pickles, MP, the British Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

    Click here to read full report

    LECTURE 26TH MAY 2014


    in association with AACI Netanya

    The third and final lecture in our series BALFOUR TO BEN GURION celebrating our 60th anniversary of the foundation of the Association, was held on 26 May 2014 at the Yad Labanim Ramat Hasharon under the title THE BUMPY ROAD TO ISRAEL'S STATEHOOD in the presence of The British Ambassador HE Matthew Gould CMG MBE with over 200 in attendance.

    Despite the late cancellation of Yehuda Avner, who was not well enough to attend, his absence was ably filled by Zippy Porath. Zippy, like Avner, was present in Jerusalem on 29 November 1947 to witness the events surrounding the historic vote for partition at the United Nations and the subsequent establishment of the State. Her experiences held the audience spell- bound.

    Professor Colin Shindler of London University then gave an erudite exposition of the events leading up to the establishment of the State of Israel.

    Hilton Share, Chairman of AACI Netanya, who jointly hosted the event, proposed the vote of thanks.

    Balfour Dinner 24th February 2014

    The Dinner was held at the Hilton Hotel and the speakers were HE Matthew Gould, the British Ambassador to the State of Israel, and David Horovitz, founding Editor of the Times of Israel. Some 100 people attended including members of the Diplomatic Corps. Among the guests was Ruth Dayan, who was born in 1917, the year of the Balfour Declaration.

    Matthew Gould stressed that the British Government was a staunch friend of Israel, and recognized the right of Israel to exist in peace and security. His Government believes that this can only be achieved by the creation of a Palestinian State side by side in harmony with Israel. The Ambassador said that, since taking up his position, one of his main objectives had been to increase cooperation between the UK and Israel, especially in the field of science. In order to achieve this he has set up the UK/Israel life Sciences Council and the UK/Israel Tech Hub.

    David Horovitz opened his address by relating his family's history. His grandparents lived in Germany and his father served in the German Army during WWI. Escaping from the Nazis the family fled to Britain; his father was young enough to serve in the British army at the end of WWII. David studied at the Hebrew University, made Aliyah in 1983, and his sons are now serving in the Israeli army. He gave an overview of the current international situation facing Israel and the need for the State to achieve a status in which its citizens could live in safety. He stressed the need to undertake confidence-building measures between ordinary Israelis and Palestinians as an essential to reach a peaceful solution.

    Click on the link to see a video of the event:

    Balfour Dinner 2012

    Balfour Dinner 2010

  • IBCA Chairman's Report to the Annual General Meeting on 29th July 2013

  • Reception at the Residence of the British Ambassador 13th June 2013

    MK Rabbi Dov Lipman spoke at the Reception hosted by HE Matthew Gould the British Ambassador and Mrs Celia Gould at their Residence for the members of the Israel Britain and Commonwealth Association. Some 95 members and friends attended.

    Rabbi Lipman spoke under the title "Unity in Israel - No Longer a dream". He said that he made aliya from Silver Spring, MD to Bet Shemesh, Israel nine years ago with his wife and four children. He chose Bet Shemesh, as he wanted to live in a town where all sections of the community lived in harmony. When he understood the reality of the situation, he became involved in efforts to resolve the difficulties and antipathy that existed in the town. This led him to becoming involved in politics and to his surprise he was elected to the 19th Knesset as a member of the Yesh Atid party and is the first American born MK in close to 30 years. As an orthodox Jew in a secular party, he feels that this sends a message that such partnerships can work.

    He stated that he believed that unity between the charedi, dati and secular Israelis was achievable and that, despite the public rhetoric, progress was being made to achieve this end. Quietly and out of the public eye bridges are being built, which he has great hopes will lead to harmony in Israeli society.

    He considers it essential that a knowledge of Jewish values and sources is brought to the secular community and he has set up a task force to create educational programmes to achieve this end. In this way there will be a greater understanding of the charedi community, at the same time as that community needs to understand the part that they need to play in mainstream Israeli society.


    On 26 December 2012, ESRA and IBCA jointly held the second lecture in the series marking IBCA's 60tth Anniversary before a sell-out audience at Beit Weil, Kfar Shmaryahu.

    Rob Dixon, Deputy Head of Mission at The British Embassy, introduced Professor Asher Susser who enraptured his listeners with a well-researched and convincing address evidencing that, were it not for the British Mandate, there would not have been a State of Israel despite the political change in the later years of Great Britain's support for partition. The early Zionists had over-estimated the level of immigration in the beginning and wrongly assumed acceptance by the Arabs for the nascent " National home for the Jewish people". However by the late 1930's the infrastructure had already been established leading to the unstoppable creation of the State obtaining world approval following the atrocities of the Holocaust.

    Brenda Katten, Chairperson of ESRA proposed a well-received vote of thanks to the Guest Speakers.

    95th Annual Balfour Dinner

    The 95th Annual Balfour Dinner was held on Monday November 12th at the Hadar Banqueting Rooms, Leonardo City Tower Hotel, Ramat Gan. The guest speakers were Rt Hon Dominic Grieve, QC MP, Attorney General for England & Wales, and Attorney Yehuda Weinstein, Attorney General for Israel. Some 150 people attended, including HE Matthew Gould the British Ambassador to Israel and Mrs Gould, as well as other Ambassadors and members of the diplomatic corps of the Commonwealth Countries.

    Dr Webber, Chairman of IBCA, in his introduction stated that it was very appropriate that the two Attorney Generals were present, as Jewish Law had contributed to the development of the British Common Law and the British Mandate law has had an influence on the development of Israeli law.

    Mr Grieve stated that Israel was a democratic state, based on the rule of law, where all citizens had access to the judicial process. Its judiciary was respected throughout the world. He understood that those outside Israel could not fully comprehend the circumstances and feelings of Israeli citizens living under the threat of bombardment. He used the simile that only the bullfighter when facing the bull in the ring could assess the situation. Mr. Grieve said that some of the Israeli Government's actions made it more difficult for its friends, like Britain, to fully support the State.

    Attorney Weinstein explored some of the differences between court procedures in England and Israel, in anecdotes of his experience in English Courts. He expressed his admiration for the British Judicial process and felt that the most advantageous reform of the Israeli judicial system would be to adopt English court procedures.

  • Reception at the residence of the Australian Ambassador

    On September 5th, HE Andrea Faulkner invited members of IBCA to an informal Garden Party in Australian style at her Residence in Herzliya.

  • Reception at the Residence of the British Ambassador 3rd July 2012

    HE Matthew Gould, the British Ambassador, hosted the Annual reception at the Residence at the beginning of July. The Guest speaker was Ehud Ya'ari whose subject was "the Middle East - Spring Forward - Spring Back?" He delivered a chilling review of the situation in the Middle East following the uprisings, which had occurred in the region. His view was that there was no chance of a two state resolution as the Palestinians did not want such a resolution to the situation. His hard-hitting appraisal left the audience with some very serious thoughts as to the future.

    The meeting was also addressed by Dr Galit Even Bendahan, one of the ten surgeons, which IBCA had granted scholarships to attend specialist courses in the United Kingdom. She eloquently told of her experiences in London and the advantages that she gained from attending the courses.

  • Lecture By Prof Jonathan Schneer on 13th May 2012

    In May the first of three lectures to mark the 60th Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration was held in association with ESRA. The subject was "The Balfour Declaration" and the speaker was Prof. Jonathan Schneer whose research revealed new facts on the background to the Declaration. He said that there were secret negotiations with the Turkish authorities which if they had succeeded would have vitiated the publication of the Balfour Declaration. Further lectures will be arranged later this year or early next year

  • Lunch with H.E. Daniel B. Shapiro, United States Ambassador to Israel. 17th April 2012

    We had the privilege of welcoming the US Ambassador at a lunch held at the Leonardo City Tower. The large audience heard the Ambassador outline the special relationship that exists between Israel and the US. He explained that this was not a one-way movement, but a true partnership from which both parties gained advantage. Israel received essential aid from the US which itself benefited from the unique technicological specialization which Israel could supply.

  • Lecture by Melanie Phillips Tuesday 28th February 2012

    The Rothschild Auditorium at the Eretz Israel Museum was packed to hear the well-known journalist and author speak on "Israel - Internal and External Threats".

    She devoted most of her talk to the international threats that were facing the State of Israel. She expounded her view that the western world did not adequately recognize the threat that it faced from radical Islam - a danger not related to the existence of the Jewish State.

    In her view, the internal threat came from those, on the left, who were aligning themselves with the delegitimizers of the State.

    See picture gallery

  • 60th Anniversary of IBCA at the Balfour Dinner on November 9, 2011

    On 9 November 2011 a large gathering of Members & Guests celebrated in style the 60th Anniversary of IBCA at the Balfour Dinner in the Hilton Hotel Tel Aviv.

    Guest Speaker from the U.K. was Colonel RICHARD KEMP who had defended before the United Nations the conduct of the IDF in the Cast Lead operation in Gaza. He gave an analytical account of the mutually beneficial relationship between the British & Israeli Armies from the period of the Mandate to the present time for which he received a standing ovation.

    Ambassador & Deputy Foreign Minister DANNY AYALON congratulated IBCA on its anniversary & identified the roles played by many ex Brits in Government service.

    The toasts were proposed by Dame Vivienne Duffield, Yigal Yardeni & Sir David Sieff.

    Alan Webber, chairman elect, introduced the Guest Speakers & made a presentation to Austen Science, the outgoing Chairman

    Monies raised from the Brochure will go to the John Furman Fund

    See picture gallery

  • Any Questions Panel on 18 September 2011

    The forthcoming meeting of the United Nations General Assembly during which the Palestinians intend to present their request for membership has been the subject of much analysis and myriad projections of hope or despair.

    On Sunday 18 September, an enthusiastic, overflow audience of political savvy Anglos had their opportunity to participate in discussing this thorny issue, in a lively Q&A Panel Evening, co-sponsored by the IBCA and ESRA.

    Entitled "The Future Situation in the Middle East, the high-profile panel participants included Mark Regev, Spokesperson for the Prime Minister; Andrew Standley, European Ambassador to Israel; Miri Eisin, former spokesperson for the Prime Minister's Office and David Horovitz, former Editor of the Jerusalem Post. The event was moderated by Leah Zinder, well-known television personality and former anchor on IBA English news programme,

    Some of the participants' remarks engendered several controversial statements/queries both from the other members of the panel and the audience.

    Mark Regev claimed the Palestinians were making a huge mistake in going to the UN rather than continuing negotiations with face to face talks with Israel, a remark that had many of the audience agreeing with him . Miri Eisen, in her usual erudite manner, articulated that not every country is with us or against us and that the Palestine-Israel relationship didn't begin yesterday and wouldn't end tomorrow or at the UN. AmbassadorStandley's remarks brought an appreciative response from the audience when he stated that most European countries are both pro Israel and pro Palestine and only want negotiations to bear fruit to a peaceful solution. David Horovitz felt it was important to remember that the "Arab Spring" had nothing to do with Israel and everything to do with the people's desire for a better life

    In reply to a question by Leah Zinder regarding Turkey, Miri Eisin gave a thoughtful, concise and clear summation of Turkey's history emphasizing its important geographical location and its determination to be recognized as the leading player in the Middle East arena.

    The international agenda of the stimulating and informative evening provided the audience with thoughtful introspection regarding Israel's relationship within the world community

    See picture gallery

  • Dr Raanan Gissin's talk to IBCA & AGM on 18 July 2011

    Israel has for some time been quietly negotiating with a number of Arab States on issues of common strategic interest, political analyst Raanan Gissin told members & guests at IBCA's afternoon English Tea on 18 July at the Sharon Hotel Herzliya.

    The major issue was how to contain the threat of Iran which was a concern to Saudi Arabia & Turkey.

    The Arab Spring promised a hot summer but could be followed by an acid winter. The revolutions were motivated by many restless & jobless young people many of whom were still starving & desperately needed economic reform.

    These changes created opportunities for Israel not because the Arab world loves us but recognizes mutual interests. If Israel is to find away out of its world isolation it must again regain the narrative which it enjoyed in earlier years.

    Yigal Levine proposed the vote of thanks which was followed by the AGM. & the election of 6 members to the Executive Committee, being:


    * denotes re-elected

    See picture gallery

  • Reception at Residence of British Ambassador on 6 June 2011


    A packed audience attended the Residence of the H.E The British Ambassador, Matthew Gould and his wife Celia when they generously hosted the annual reception for IBCA on 6 June 2011.

    After welcoming remarks from the Ambassador & Austen Science IBCA's Chairman a presentation was made to Sir Martin by Yoni Lucas of a book of Poems by his late Mother and loyal IBCA member,Esther Lucas.

    Sir Martin gave an erudite and enlightening discourse on the history of Jews in Islamic countries which is the subject of his latest Book "IN ISHMAEL'S HOUSE" tracing the treatment of the Jews over 1400 years. While often there was discrimination and maltreatment there were periods of peace and prosperity as for instance in Turkey where the Sultan set up a commission to reject blood libels and false accusations against Jews.

    Professor Alex Deutsch eloquently proposed the vote of thanks to Sir Martin and to the British Ambassador and his wife.

    A significant sum was raised to benefit the John Furman Fund.

    See picture gallery

  • IBCA Luncheon on 4 April 2011

    We were privileged to be addressed by the Deputy Knesset Speaker Majallie Wahabi at our Luncheon on 4 April 2011 in the Leonardo Banqueting Hall, Ramat Gan when he gave a frank & illuminating talk on his experiences as a Druze rising to the position of acting President of the State of Israel.

    He expressed his concern that in many areas the Druze communities were receiving below par government support & funding despite the very high level of Druzes doing service in the IDF..

    Having seen military service in the 1982 Lebanon War he rose to Lieutenant Colonel. He has always been a proud & loyal Israeli.

    He explained the Druze community maintains a low profile on their religious practices & feel they can fit in & be an asset to whatever part of the World in which they are living.

    After successfully fielding questions from the audience Brian Harris made a fitting vote of thanks & presented him with a copy of the late Michael Fox's book Mountain & Molehills.

    See picture gallery

  • 19 January 2011 Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

    On 19 January 2011 in conjunction with the Tel Aviv International Salon Group a packed gathering visited the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange & were treated to an interesting & informative outing. As a modern ’state of the art’ centre without the traditional trading floor it displayed up to the minute details of share movements. of the Companies it lists

    Following a welcome from Ester Levanon CEO of the Exchange, Kobi Avramovich, Head of its Research Department gave an illustrated talk covering the history & development of the TASE culminating in its recent upgrade to being admitted internationally as one of the worlds 19 Developed Stock Exchanges.

    Dan Propper gave an illuminating & incisive talk on the history & success of Osem Foods which he helped develop from 7 families making pasta to one of the worlds leading food suppliers now having Nestle as a major partner. He still believed in his father’s maxim ‘Work hard & conscientiously during the day so you can sleep at night’

    Austen Science welcomed members of the Technology Travel Group & together with Jay Schultz of TAIS thanked the Exchange for their hospitality.

  • 17th November 2010 Annual Balfour Dinner

    A full house attended IBCA's Annual Balfour Dinner on 17 November 2010 at the Tel Aviv Hilton celebrating the 93rd anniversary of the Balfour Declaration giving members and guests an opportunity to meet the new British Ambassador to Israel, H.E. Matthew Gould MBE attired in his Union Jack coutured kippa. The event was graced by Ambassadors and members of the Diplomatic Corps from the Commonwealth countries and other political and prominent personalities.

    Dan Propper MBE proposed the toast to Her Majesty the Queen and Dame Shirley Porter DBE proposed the Toast to the State of Israel.

    Brenda Katten, the immediate past Chairperson of IBCA graciously introduced the guest speakers.

    H.E. Matthew Gould, the first Jewish Ambassador to Israel, stressed that as a loyal British citizen he was also proud to be a Jew. He gave a profound and interesting analysis of the British Jews involved in the issuing of the Balfour Declaration. He pledged that his Government was succeeding in its work to amend the controversy around universal jurisdiction which prevents some Israeli politicians and other leading figures from travel to Britain.

    The other Guest Speaker was Minorities Minister Prof. Avishay Braverman who gave his forthright and informed views on the political situation in Israel today.

    Following his initial welcome remarks, IBCA's Chairman, Austen Science thanked all those involved in the night's event and reported that the Brochure had raised a significant sum towards the John Furman Fund.

    See picture gallery

  • 14 July 2010 - Alon Pinkas Lunch & AGM

    A large turn out greeted Alon Pinkas who was our Guest Speaker at the Luncheon on 14 July2010 at the recently refurbished banqueting suite in the Sheraton Hotel Tel Aviv when the incidence of the 9 days involved a healthy fish repast.

    On his chosen topic ‘ISRAEL’S GROWING INTERNATIONAL ISOLATION’ Alon maintained this was primarily due to the lack of positive action by the current Government which will shortly have to produce a map of acceptable borders.

    Special greetings were extended to H.E. Sir Tom Phillips ,the British Ambassador attending his last function with IBCA before moving to Saudi Arabia

    The vote of thanks was charmingly presented by Jeanette Cannon who, together with her husband Raymond, received a hearty mazeltov on celebrating their Golden Wedding.

    At the 59th AGM following the luncheon, Ambassador Moshe Raviv was relected unopposed to serve on the Executive Committee for a further 3 years and the agenda items were approved.

    See picture gallery

  • 30 th June 2010 - Film showing of “IN OUR OWN HANDS”

    In the presence of H.E. Jon Allen & in conjunction with AACI we co – presented the film IN OUR OWN HANDS,the true epic story of the Jewish Brigade in World War 11 at the Netanya Cultural Centre on 30 June 2010

    Following the Reception. Anthony Felix of AACI welcomed the guests & introduced H.E. Jon Allen who spoke of the outstanding contribution the people of Canada had made to the War effort referring in particular to a number of Jewish service men many of whom played a significant role in Israel’s War of Independence.

    The film itself was everything it was billed to be & left the audience in awe & respect of the commitment of young Jewish service personnel in raising the profile & moral of their co religionists following the horrors of the Holocaust.

    After the film one of the Brigade Survivors ,Prof Emanuel Gutmann,answered questions from the audience & Adrian Blumenthal of IBCA proposed the vote of thanks

    See picture gallery

  • 7 June 2010 at the Residence of British Ambassador

    His Excellency Tom Phillips British Ambassador to Israel graciously entertained members & guests at his Residence on 7 June when he confirmed he was sadly finishing his tour of duty at the end of July but would be leaving with many happy memories and friendships. IBCA presented him with an original third century oil lamp to remind him of Israel's prophetic vision of being a light unto all the nations of the world.

    Yoram Yahav, Economist & Trade Advisor, was the guest speaker & gave his informed reason why Israel had avoided the current recession but forecast that the property bubble in the country would burst.

  • 9th March 2010 - Afternoon tea with Ya'akov Ne'eman M.K

    This was the first time for many years we have held an afternoon tea function which was at the Sharon Hotel, Herzliya. A full house listened to Ya'akov Ne'eman, Minister of Justice,deliver an informed address on the development of Jewish law and the need for Halacha in the Israeli legal system. The numerous questions touched on the wider issues of divorce, the ineffectiveness of the Rabbinate and the divide between the secular & religious sectors. Sheila Fox, whose late husband had been his partner for many years in the firm of Herzog, Fox & Ne'eman and who had also been a former Chairman of IBCA, graciously proposed the vote of thanks.

    Dr. Ian Miskin concluded the event with a fascinating and emotional account of the Israeli rescue mission in Haiti of which he was part including a power point display of his experiences there.

    See picture gallery

  • 19th January 2010 - Evening with Jordanian Ambassador

    A large audience had the rare opportunity of hearing H.E Ali al-Ayad,the Jordanian Ambassador to Israel being interviewed by IBA News anchor personality Leah Zinder. His Excellency said he looked upon his Appointment ‘not as a job but as a mission” and saw his objective as restarting the peace talks. He answered the many searching questions with sincerity & dignity mixing freely with the guests at the reception afterwards.

    See picture gallery

  • 23rd November 2009- Any Questions Panel

    In co-operation with the Zionist Federation of Great Britain we hosted an Any Questions Panel comprising H.E Tom Phillips, Prof Gerald Steinberg, Miri Eisin & Daniel Taub at the Begin Heritage Centre.with an attendance of over 300. The panel handled some hostile questions with tact, diplomacy and honesty receiving warm applause from an appreciative audience.

  • 2nd November 2009 - The Annual Balfour Dinner

    Held at Hilton Hotel, Tel Aviv we celebrated the 92nd anniversary of the Balfour Declaration & included the 100th anniversary of the Tel Aviv-Jaffo Municipality.The Deputy Mayor proposed the toast to the City. Our guest Speaker from the U.K. was John Mann M.P. Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group against anti-semitism who received a standing ovation for his unreserved support for the State of Israel. Tzipi Livni, Head of the Kadima Party and Leader of the Opposition gave an informed and erudite assessment of issues affecting Israel today and her approach to them which was well received by the many guests who included diplomats and well known personalties gracing this highlight event.

    See picture gallery

  • Tuesday 7th July 2009 - Luncheon meeting with guest speaker Professor Itamar Rabinovich

    A capacity crowd, including members of the diplomatic corps, gathered at the Sheraton City Tower in Ramat Gan to enjoy lunch and listen to Professor Itamar Rabinovich deliver a thought-provoking lecture entitled, President Obama's Foreign Policy - Does 'Yes we can!' apply to the Middle East? Professor Rabinovich discussed the role of the United States in the Middle East and shed new light on the long and tumultuous history between Arabs and Jews. After his speech, retiring honorary secretary Madeleine Mordecai was presented with a silver tea box by past chairman Dr Harold Hart to mark her long and unstinting service to IBCA.

    See picture gallery

  • Thursday 14th May 2009 - Reception and meeting at the residence of the British Ambassador

    A capacity crowd gathered to hear Professor of Political Geography and Geopolitics at Ben Gurion University Professor David Newman at an evening reception hosted by HE British Ambassador Tom Phillips at his Ramat Gan residence. Professor Newman's address entitled, 'How to draw borders for a two-state solution' drew many questions from the floor.

    See picture gallery

  • Wednesday 22 April 2009 - Wednesday 22 April 2009 IBCA Day Trip to Sderot - Solidarity & Shopping

    In April, IBCA members and friends went to Sderot where they were addressed by local community members and the Israeli police spokesperson. They visited the 'kassam museum' at the Sderot police station and saw evidence of the impact of the missiles on the vicinity.

    The group also visited a viewpoint close to Gaza where they were briefed on the situation by a representative from Sderot Media Com before a lunch and shopping stop in the town.

    See picture gallery

  • 24th February 2009 - An Audience with Leah Zinder

    At an evening event held at Seven Stars House in Herzliya Pituach, IBA news commentator Leah Zinder addressed a capacity crowd on the results of Israel's recent elections and the political implications of Israel's electoral system. She answered many questions from the audience.

    See picture gallery

  • 12th January 2009 - Lunch with Rabbi Dr. David Rosen

    A capacity audience enjoyed lunch at Ramat Gan's City Tower where Rabbi Dr. David Rosen gave an illuminating discourse on the controversy surrounding the proposal to grant sainthood on Pope Pius XII in light of his record during the Holocaust. Also present at the luncheon were guests from the southern towns bordering Gaza. Ashkelon resident, Ruth Yashin, gave a moving account of the trials and tribulations of life under rocket fire.

    See picture gallery

  • 3rd November 2008 -The Balfour Dinner

    Held at the Hilton Hotel in Tel Aviv, The Balfour Dinner celebrating the 91st anniversary of the Balfour Declaration attracted an audience of over 200 guests including many members of the diplomatic corps who enjoyed dinner and listened to the excellent speeches of the Rt. Hon. William Hague MP, UK Shadow Foreign Secretary and His Excellency Dan Gillerman, former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations who replaced the advertised guest speaker MK Benjamin Netanyahu who was unable to attend. Guests also watched a short excerpt of "Pillars of Fire" documenting events preceding the rebirth of the State of Israel.

    See picture gallery

  • Sunday 21st September 2008 Meeting at the Residence of the Australian Ambassador

    At an evening event held at the Australian Ambassador, James Larsen and Mrs Antoinette Larsen, Dr. Robert Merrillees, a former Australian Ambassador to Israel, who also happens to be father-in-law of current Ambassador James Larsen, addressed 70 plus guests on the Australian Israeli Relationship - then and now. In his illuminating talk he laid emphasis on the cultural diversity of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and highlighted Israel's archaeological richness.

    See picture gallery

  • 29th July 2008 Luncheon at Sheraton City Tower with David Horovitz

    David Horovitz, editor-in-chief of the Jerusalem Post, delighted luncheon guests with his informative analysis of the current political, social and economic climate in Israel laying emphasis on the State's many achievements in its 60 year history. Over 100 guests attended the luncheon, held at its new venue the Sheraton City Tower Hotel in Ramat Gan.

    See picture gallery

  • 4th June 2008 Reception & meeting at the Residence of the British Ambassador

    The British Ambassador HE Mr Tom Phillips hosted an enjoyable and informative evening at the Residence. He welcomed some 100 guests and introduced Professor Shlomo Avineri of the Political Science Department, Hebrew University, who spoke on "Herzl, Political Zionism and Israel at 60". The proceeds from this event will benefit the John Furman Memorial Scholarship Fund. (pic: left - Prof. Shlomo Avineri, right - HE The British Ambassador, Mr Tom Phillips)

    See picture gallery

  • Wednesday 12 March 2008 20:00
    at the Daniel Hotel, Herzlia Pituach

    At an evening event held at the Daniel Hotel in Herzlia Pituach, Professor Tamir eloquently summarized her position and explained the challenges facing Israel's Ministry of Education. In her stimulating address, she effectively answered the many burning questions posed by the 120-strong audience.

    See picture gallery

  • 8th January 2008 Luncheon with Ambassador Daniel Ayalon

    A capacity audience attended the 2008 Inaugural Luncheon at the David Intercontinental Hotel in Tel Aviv where Israel's immediate past Ambassador to the United States, Daniel Ayalon, spoke on the outcome of the recent Annapolis conference in which he participated.

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  • 5th November 2007 - The Balfour Dinner

    Held at the Hilton Hotel in Tel Aviv, The Balfour Dinner celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration attracted a capacity crowd of 300 guests who enjoyed dinner and listened to guest speakers Sir Ronald Cohen, chair of the Portland Trust and Isaac Herzog MK, Minister of Welfare & Social Services and Minister for Diaspora Affairs. A highlight of the evening was the screening of a film of original footage of the events leading up to the signing of the Balfour declaration.

    Guest speakers: Sir Ronald Cohen and Isaac Herzog MK,

    See picture gallery

  • Sunday, 7th October 2007

    Australian Ambassador Mr James Larsen and Mrs Larsen hosted an enjoyable and informative event at their residence in Herzlia Pituach. Dr Chanan Reich delivered a fascinating lecture on "The Australian Israeli Relationship." Attended by over 100 participants, the proceeds of the event will go towards the John Furman Memorial Scholarship Fund.

    See picture gallery

  • Tuesday 10th July, Luncheon with Ron Prosor, Israel's Ambassador-Elect to the U.K.

    At a luncheon held at the David Intercontinental Hotel, Ambassador Ron Prosor delivered a thought-provoking overview of the challenges facing Israel in the international arena to an audience of over 150 guests including members of the diplomatic corps.

    See picture gallery

  • Thursday 31st May - Reception and Meeting at the Residence of the British Ambassador

    The British Ambassador HE Mr Tom Phillips hosted an enjoyable and informative evening at the Residence. He welcomed the guests and introduced Professor Asher Susser of Tel Aviv University's Dayan Centre who gave an outstanding overview of the complex challenges facing the Middle East today. The proceeds from this event went towards the John Furman Memorial Scholarship Fund.

    See picture gallery

  • 11th April 2007 - Luncheon meeting with Colette Avital MK

    David Intercontinental Hotel, Tel Aviv

    Colette Avital presented her case and outlined her objectives in standing for the Presidency of the State of Israel. In her address to the 130-strong audience, including many members of the diplomatic corps and overseas visitors, she impressed the gathering with her wide-ranging political and diplomat experience.

    See picture gallery

  • 1st March 2007 - " Evening with Colonel Miri Eisen, Spokesperson for the Prime Minister

    Daniel Hotel, Herzlia Pituach

    Held at the Daniel Hotel in Herzlia on 1st March, guest speaker, Miri Eisen, presented a captivating overview of the many challenges Israel faces in the media and on the global stage, after which the 110-strong audience enjoyed coffee and cake.

  • 11th January 2007 - Inaugural Meeting 2007

    David Intercontintal Hotel, Tel Aviv

    Israel's Minister of Tourism, Isaac Herzog MK, gave a wide-ranging analysis of his Ministry, clarifying the many challenges and goals in effective market strategy to put Israel firmly on the tourist map. He was specific in his replies to all of the questions from a very enthusiastic audience.

    See Picture Gallery

  • Monday 6th November - the Balfour Dinner

    Over 200 guests gathered for a celebratory dinner at the Tel Aviv Hilton Hotel to mark the 89th Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration. The guest speakers were the British Ambassador, HE Tom Phillips CMG, and Adv. Dan Meridor, Chairman of the Jerusalem Foundation, Formerly Israel's Minister of Finance and Minister of Justice.

    HE Tom Phillips CMG, the British Ambassador to Israel Adv. Dan Meridor Pleased to meet you - Adv. Dan Meridor shakes hands with Ambassador Philips as Chairman, Brenda Katten and Mr John Katten look on.

    See Picture Gallery

  • Tuesday 12th September 2006

    160 guests, including Members of the Diplomatic Corps, enjoyed a luncheon meeting at the David Intercontinental Hotel where the Guest Speaker, Mark Regev, Spokesman for Israel's Foreign Ministry delivered a candid and informative overview of the situation in his address entitled "Lebanon - Did Israel achieve anything?"

    See Picture Gallery

  • Tuesday 18th July At the Australian Ambassador's Residence

    HE the Australian Ambassador, Tim George and Mrs George hosted a reception at their residence for members of IBCA. He introduced the film "The Light Horseman" depicting the fall of Beer Sheba to the Australian Light Horse Regiment in October 1917 - a major breakthrough in General Allenby's final victory.

    Ambassador Tim George, Brenda Katten, Mrs Geraldine George

    See Picture Gallery

  • Luncheon Meeting with Efraim Halevi

    Efraim Halevi, Author of "Man in the Shadows" and former head of Mossad, delivered an enlightening analysis of the region's situation past and present at a luncheon held at the David Intercontinental Hotel, enjoyed by an audience of over 160 guests, including members of the Diplomatic Corps.

    See Picture Gallery

  • 11th May 2006 Meeting and Reception at British Ambassador's Residence

    His Excellency, the British Ambassador, Simon McDonald, hosted the annual IBCA event at the Ramat Gan residence The guest speaker, MK Professor Avishay Braverman, emphasised the need for political reform and investment. Proceeds were donated the John Furman Memorial Scholarship Fund.

    See Picture Gallery

  • David Landau: "For Better or Worse - The Election?"

    At a luncheon held at the David Intercontinental Hotel on 30th March, guest speaker, David Landau, editor of Haaretz, delivered a stimulating analysis of the elections to an audience of over 130 guests including many members of the Diplomatic Corp.

    See Picture Gallery

  • Evening with Israel's Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Mark Regev.

    Held at the Sharon Hotel in Herzlia on 6th March, More than 120 guests enjoyed the cheese and wine cocktail event where guest speaker, Mark Regev, gave a most illuminating and indepth overview of Hamas past and present.

    See Picture Gallery

  • The Governor of the Bank of Israel, Professor Stanley Fischer, addresses guests at the 2006 Inaugural Event - a luncheon at the David Intercontinental Hotel in Tel Aviv held on 16th January - drew a capacity of audience of almost 200 guests to hear the Governor of the Bank of Israel, Professor Stanley Fischer.

    This event attracted ten members of the Diplomatic Corps, the majority of whom were Ambassadors. In his speech Professor Stanley Fischer gave an optimistic overview, laying emphasis on the extraordinary growth in Israel’s economy in 2005.

    See Picture Gallery

  • The 2005 Balfour Dinner was held on the 7th November where some 270 guests enjoyed a speech by Britain's Sir David Frost perhaps best known for having interviewed many world leaders.

    The coming year's activities will include a luncheon addressed by the Governor of the Bank of Israel, Professor Stanley Fischer, receptions at the residences of Ambassadors currently accredited to Israel and the opportunities to meet and hear well known personalities from the world of politics, the media and the arts.