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    INTRA - Israel National Therapeutic Riding Association

    INTRA - Israel National Therapeutic Riding Association

    INTRA Therapeutic Riding Center is the only riding facility in Israel which is recognized by England's BHS Riding Association. The center is located in the Sharon area, adjacent to the Hadassah Youth Village, on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. About 350 challenged children and adults are treated at the center. We offer a learning experience and treatments on horseback for all levels and ages in this magical atmosphere.

    INTRA's team of therapists and professional employees are working under the direct supervision of center managers Anita and Giora Shkedi, founders of the treatment method with horse riding in the country. The therapists are trained for both Therapeutic Riding and Sport Riding.

    Therapeutic horseback riding is a recreational treatment modality that uses the horse to improve posture, to balance muscle tone and sensory system and to increase self-confidence, body awareness and self-control. The movement of the horse closely replicates the human's walk pattern, helping to stimulate mobility and walk. It is recognized as a premier vehicle for the animal-human bonding process that can have a profoundly positive impact on the quality of a person's life.

    Anyone witnessing a therapeutic riding session may witness miracles unfolding before their eyes. ...

    Several special Therapeutic Riding/Equine Assisted Activities programs are held at INTRA:

    • School Matriculation in Equine Studies for High School Children At-Risk

    • Equine Assisted Therapy for Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

    • Therapeutic Riding for adults with intellectual challenges - all coming from Neve Menashe Institute.

    The PTSD program and the Neve Menashe program are part of the National and International research investigating clinically how Therapeutic Riding affects the challenged rider.

    INTRA is always ahead of the curve in Therapeutic Riding Practice as it works in unison with the medical and scientific community.

    Anita Shkedi
    Director INTRA- Israel National Therapeutic Riding Association