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    One week traveling fellowship in England

    March 11-18th 2012

    It was an honor to be part of an Israeli group of young consultants in general surgery, who were chosen to travel to England for colorectal course for one week.

    We landed on sunny Sunday 11th in London, and of course, started to explore this wonderful city. Although it was my 4th visit in London (last time was in 1996), I enjoyed wondering in the streets as it was the first time.

    Next day, me and 3 other colleagues, visited UCLH. We participated in the morning- round at Mr.Richard Cohen's colorectal unit. We had a chance to meet patients who specially came to get treatment in London from all over UK and Europe. It was a very educational round, since we could learn different approach of treatment of patients with intestinal fistulas or anastomotic leaks.

    On Monday evening we were honored by the Jewish Medical Association UK, and we participated in a reception arranged by Prof. Irving Taylor and Dr. David Katz.

    The lectures about "maintaining Medical Professionalism: UK and Israeli Perspectives" were given by Prof. Irving Taylor and Prof. Alex Deutsch, and showed us the differences between the British and the Israeli health systems.

    It was also very enjoy full to hear about the experience of a Medical student who visited Vanuato...

    On Tuesday 13th we met Mr. Cohen at his unit, and participated in the morning- round with him. It was delightful to learn from him the honorable approach to a patient and his medical problem.

    Next we went to the operating room with Mr. Cohen and his surgeon colleagues to see a laparotomy and a closure of an entero-cutaneous fistula, using a biologic mesh, which is not in use in Israel yet. Being impressed of the new technique, we all got information about this unique mesh for future use in Israel.

    On the same day we all travelled to Basingstoke for colorectal M25 course at the pelican centre. Mr. Abulafi managed to coordinate a course which confers all aspects of colorectal diseases, benign and malignant, and all aspects of diagnosis and treatment.

    These were 2.5 days of amazing lectures given by the top colorectal surgeons in England, among thee Prof . Bill Heald . It was a great honor to meet the living legend of the TME technique, which we all learned about.

    All along the course we had a pleasant stay and warm welcoming at the Pelican centre. Lucy Dingwall, the course administrator took- care of all aspects of our staying in Basingstoke in a very professional way.

    On Friday afternoon we went back to London, to enjoy more from a short (but pleasant) weekend in London.

    I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the David Yanir foundation for its generous funding, which allowed me to enrich my professional knowledge and to gain an excellent experience.

    It was only a brief glimpse into British colorectal surgery, but a huge opportunity to meet colleagues for future cooperation.

    I also would like to thank Prof. Alex Deutsch for making it all happen. Arranging it all from the start and giving us all a warm welcome and generous hospitality at his house.

    I am sure that all colorectal trainees, and of course the patients, will benefit from this experience in the following years.

    Thank you all,


    Miss Michal Braha, M.D
    Department of surgery A
    Assaf Harofeh Medical Centre, Zriffin , Israel